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Loki and Bear

A Beginning of Possibility

When we bought our home all we wanted was a place of our own; a place in the country to live and raise our four children. Back then Clarksville was most definitely “country”, with a spirit of community and honor . Now, 34 years later, many local establishments still have that sense of community and honor. And that is one of the primary reasons we have stayed. Community is what it is all about.


Bear and I were young and in love, with a passion for the land and enough energy to actually do the work. We had hopes and dreams and a lot of luck helping us find and move into the old “Nellie Groomes” farm.


Locals tell of the place being a stagecoach depot for watering the horses in route from Rockville, Montgomery County courthouse, to the Howard County courthouse in Ellicott City. If the hand-hewn logs in our cellar could only talk; what a story they could tell.


Before we had any thoughts about our future home, we were gifted with an old book entitled Five Acres and Independence. And now we are blessed to be the caretakers of 5 acres that came with the ole farm! Amazing, this is what we are aiming for again at this stage in our lives.


“Sanctuary” will carry on its reputation and tradition of being “a friendly space” for other kindred spirits! We encourage you to take a peek at our first attempt of “sharing what and who we are.” When you have a little more time, click here for a fuller account of how Sanctuary came to be and what this site is all about. While we are not a business and we are not open to the public, we still would like to get to know you and sit in the possibility.


This is good.


Namaste and Journey Well


Loki and Smiling Bear Rising In The East

Summer Solstice
Summer Solstice is Monday, June 20
Drum Circle
Drum #194 is Monday, June 6, 2016, same time.
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The Shop is up and running and fun! A new class for Beginners Only is forming. Reserve your spot now. Limited to 5 ..presently three are "interested". One on one attention to each student as a true beginner. Sign up now. It will be hot as hell and we will call it Boot Camp for Beginners
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